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International Student Scholarship

All new international students living in or outside Korea at the time of application qualify for a reduced tuition scholarship upon acceptance.


The scholarship reduces the semester tuition from 3,250,000 KRW to 2,437,500 KRW per semester. (With taxes and fees, your first tuition payment would be 3,187,500 KRW based on 2018 Namseoul Univesity IGS tuition costs.)


If you maintain a 3.0 GPA or above, this scholarship will automatically renew. You do not need to apply for it again. If you fall below a 3.0, your scholarship will be lost.

Merit Scholarships

In addition to the International Student Scholarship which is easily attained with a 3.0 GPA or above, the Namseoul International Graduate School also awards merit-based scholarships based on GPA and class rank. The exact amount awarded to students is based on the number of students whose GPA meets the Merit Scholarship requirements. This scholarship is given in addition to the International Student Scholarship. These scholarships are available each semester.

RA Scholarship

Research Assistant (RA) Scholarships are competitive scholarships available to a limited number of students. RAs work with the International Graduate School on special assignments and that further student knowledge and skills. Applicants are interviewed and assessed based on their skills, schedules, and IGS need.

Research Assistant Scholarships work differently than other scholarships. Students are required to pay for the tuition fees at the beginning of the semester and receive a full reimbursement upon completion of the semester and submission of their RA Forms.

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