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The rapid internationalization of University systems across the globe sees an increasing demand for advanced programs of study that will promote intercultural dialogue by providing course offerings that speak to the domains of research and inquiry, leadership, innovation, and service along with global goals for education, development and sustainability. The Master of Arts in International Education (MIE) program prepares future education leaders for shaping vital roles in International Education. Students will follow a range of specializations that lead to careers in: Education Policy and Development; Education Leadership, Administration and Management; and Teaching in traditional and non-traditional school settings. Students will have the opportunity to engage in cutting edge research and work collaboratively to pose solutions to the issues of our day related to education within a global context.

Successful graduates of the MIE program may pursue career paths in the following:


  • International Educator (Educational Specialist, Academic Counselor, Teacher Trainer)

  • Education Policy Analyst (Non-Profit Organizations/NGOs/Government)

  • Educational Administrator (School Principal, Director within a school agency)

  • Research Assistant (Non-Profit Organizations/NGOs/Government)

  • International Teacher in non-traditional/traditional school settings

  • Educational Consultant (Curriculum Development, Program Development, Teacher Training)

These options may lead to positions in International Schools, Colleges, or Universities; Global Education agencies; and positions in Non-Government and Government settings.

Fullbright Scholar

My favorite part of Namseoul >


What I truly love about Namseoul University is the Faculty and Staff which is highly international, super friendly, and hugely encouraging!

Mansur, Fulbright Scholar


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