MGARC Courses

Introduction to Addictology​

This course provides basic knowledge about the effects of substance abuse and addiction. Students will learn core knowledge such as definition, terminology, epidemiology, scope and history of addiction, etc.

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Research Methods for Addiction Counseling

This course provides the methods, procedures, and techniques to carry out scientific addiction research. 

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Practicum in addiction counseling

This is a training course to nurture addiction experts who have the sense of duty and practical ability by examining the value and ethics of addiction counseling.

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Seminar in Addiction Counseling

This course helps students to explore current addiction research related addiction trends, various issues, as well as lecturing of field experts.

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Ethics and Law of Addiction Counseling

This course provides basic laws and ethics in addiction practice. It will cover ideology and concepts of addiction law, the category, historical formation and development background, contents and system of related law, and ethical issues. 

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Psychotherapy for Addiction

This course helps students to establish appropriate rehabilitation plan in the process of selection, evaluation, and identification of addiction recovery. students can assess clients’ physiology-psycho-social-spiritual strengthening capacities to support recovery with comprehensive interventions.

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This course provides the concept and criteria of dual diagnosis disorder, the model of relationship between drug use disorder and mental illness.

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Introduction to Addiction Counseling

This course provides various counseling theories and skills in addiction counseling.

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Group Counseling for Addict

This course provides the knowledge and skills of group counseling in addiction. Students will be trained various interventions for addiction group counseling.

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Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing

This course provides theoretical basis and techniques to apply the motivational interviews in addiction treatment process.

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This class explores the roll of medication in treating addiction.

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Behavioral Addiction​

This course provides the general understanding of behavioral addiction such as gambling, internet, food, sexual, etc. 

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Family counseling for Addict

This course provides the knowledge and skills of family counseling in addiction. Students will be trained various interventions for family counseling.

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Addiction Assessment and Intervention

This course provides theories, techniques and models of prevention in addiction. Students will also learn about the history of prevention of substance use, risk and protective factor systems, resilience factors, etc. 

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