MGTE Courses

Technology Essentials

Through this course, students will learn overview of IT and systems applied in entrepreneurship business and other disciplines. They will acquire technical literary and competencies in development languages such as Javascript, HTML, SQL etc, and will learn how to build simple websites, user interfaces and other mobile apps that will be essential for business startups. Students will also explore the IT history and its role in society.

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Entrepreneur Strategy Seminar

Through this course, students will learn different entrepreneurship strategies to start businesses, and pursue it up to IPO. Students will be exposed in different real successful business cases which they could get insights on how to establish their own business and make their own business proposals. They will be tasked to present their actual business plan in a seminar set up.

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Managerial Finance

Through this course, students will become skilled at managerial finance and real data. This will prepare students on how to become effective financial managers by having a solid background in financial theories. Also, students will acquire an ability to cope with business changes in international settings.

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In the modern world of the business, it is required for new business and small entrepreneurs to know the power of eCommerce in order to compete in the market. In this course students will build their skills and know how they can build their business’s presence on the web. This course is based on the case studies in both failure and success.

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Creativity & Innovation in Business

Through this course, students will be exposed to different global case studies on market leaders and innovative startups in various industries to be able to investigate strategies and operational changes needed to make data analytics important to global techno entrepreneurship. Students will be able to integrate these strategies and innovation on their business plan. They will be able to learn how to leverage big data in broad digitization of global business.

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Understanding Big Data

To give a comprehensive understanding of big data and its usage to our students in order to make better decisions for their future businesses/startups. The analysis of big data to reveal the current and future trends in different industries with practical examples are the part.

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Global Techno Business Strategies (Fintech)

Through this course, students will be exposed on the current global financial trends which will give them an opportunity to make creative strategies on how to deal with the different financial situations. They will be learning on how to make sound decisions based on global financial data. They will also learn the lessons from the past global financial crises. Students will also learn how fintech and blockchain work.

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Global Business Manner

Increase the sense of formality and level in the dynamic business world, sensitivity to and understanding of other cultures, along with an understanding of global culture in the rapidly changing global market. Global culture is a unique behavior of leaders and needs to focus on manners, greetings, attitudes, posture, behavior and communication.

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High Tech Marketing Management

Through this course, students will learn about high innovation concerning class of items and services which are liable to technological change at a pace essentially quicker than for most products in the economy. Under such conditions, the promoting undertaking looked by the high-innovation firm contrasts here and there from the standard thing will be discussed. Students will be able investigate these distinctions.

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Business Communication

Through this course, students will practice international business communication skills with real business cases. Students will learn the important theories and practical applications of these on the international business settings. 

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The Business of Venture Capitalism

Through this course, students can learn the relevant theories and practical application of venture capitalism. They will be taught on how to startup a company through the help of investors in the venture companies (VC’s). Examples of successful VC’s will be introduced and will be given a task to create a business proposal which will be designed for getting funds from VC’s. Importance of entry and exit of the business will be also emphasized.

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Financial Accounting

In order to clearly understand the financial matters of a business, this course will teach the students the basics of financial accounting. Students will learn about recording of transactions, ledgers, trial balance, income statement and balance sheet. At the end of this course the students will be able to critically analyze these financial statements.

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