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Comparative Justice Systems

A comparative study of the U.S. criminal justice system and criminal justice systems around the world. The course will cover historical and cultural legal traditions, policing, corrections, and juvenile justice, emphasizing how culture, tradition, and geography shapes legal systems.

Norman Marcia, JD

Ethical Practices for Legal Practitioners

Explore ethics in legal policy and public administration. Students hone their critical thinking skills and will leave the course prepared to address ethical issues and conflicts they may experience in the field of law and law enforcement. Students will engage in a variety of ethical decision-making exercises and examine and discuss real-life ethical decisions made by policymakers, legal professionals, police officers, and government officials. and policymakers.

Norman Marcia, JD

Leadership in Law and Public Administration

This course will explore leadership and the decision-making process in the field of law and public administration. Students will learn effective leadership principles, management strategies, and technological tools, that they can utilize to become effective, innovative and inspirational leaders. 

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

An overview of dispute resolution and negotiation from the perspective of lawyers and law enforcement officers including alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and crisis negotiation. A combination of interactive lectures, discussion, and role-play activities will allow the students to gain an in-depth understanding of the tools, skills, and temperament necessary to become an effective advocate or negotiator.

Norman Marcia, JD

Emergency Management and Operations

This course focuses on training students to be effective managers and communicators when faced with crisis situations and all-hazards emergency planning and response. Students will examine the roles of legal professionals, law enforcement officers, and emergency services personnel in the context of emergency management and operations while gaining a better understanding of effective inter-agency communication and community relations. Lectures and discussions will be supplemented with case studies and interactive exercises.

Norman Marcia, JD

Cyber and Information Crimes

This course will examine the investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes and information crimes. Discussion topics include hacking, identity theft, cyberstalking and cyberbullying, electronic surveillance, and national security concerns.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

Police and Society: An International Perspective

Examines current issues and debates pertaining to law enforcement at the municipal, national, and global levels. Topics to be discussed include police training, organizational leadership, police-community relationship, ethics, and police subculture. The course will also provide students an opportunity to explore the variety of careers available in policing and law enforcement.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

Multiculturalism and the Legal System

An examination of multicultural issues from a historical and contemporary perspective, and how race and ethnicity impact law and justice policies. The course will also explore racial and ethnic discrimination in law and society and provide a forum for students to discuss ways effectively to address such discrimination.

Norman Marcia, JD

Legal Writing and Research

This course will offer an introduction to legal writing, research, and analysis. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of briefing a case and utilizing legal research tools, while gaining an understanding of the analytical though process that lawyers and other legal professionals use.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

International and Non-Governmental Organizations

An overview of international and nongovernmental organizations, their role in society, and how they are impacted by the social and political realm in which they exist. The course will provide an examination of the historical, legal, political, social, and ethical foundations of IGO’s and NGO’s. Students will also learn about effective human resource management skills in IGO’s and NGO’s, and explore career opportunities in this field.

Norman Marcia, JD

Intelligence and National Security

This course examines the vital role of intelligence in national security and foreign policy. Students will debate issues and controversies regarding intelligence collection and analysis, while analyzing legal issues concerning intelligence, law enforcement, and policy initiatives shaped by intelligence.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

Cyber Law and Communications Policy

This course examines legal and policy implications of the internet, online telecommunications, and social interaction. Students will discuss topics such as free speech, privacy issues, and national security in relation to the law, and the need for the law to keep up with innovations in information technology and communications.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

Contemporary Legal Issues

Examines the current issues and trends influencing the roles, responsibilities, and management challenges in the legal field, both in private practice and the public sector. Each student will be given a platform to discuss legal policies and laws that not only impact the global society in which we live, but issues that directly impact the student as an individual.

Norman Marcia, JD

Communication Skills for Legal Practitioners

Provides students with the opportunity to develop the interpersonal communication skills, presentation skills and professional writing techniques necessary for success in a career in the legal field. Students will practice and improve their oral, writing, as well as listening skills through a variety of practical exercises, written assignments, team projects, and presentations.

Norman Marcia, JD

Human Rights, Law, and Justice

This course examines human rights and its inter-connectivity with law and justice. Students will discuss current issues and events in the area of human rights and explore the laws that shape domestic and foreign policy pertaining to human rights.

Norman Marcia, JD

Comparative Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

This course focuses on the juvenile justice systems of various countries including the United States and South Korea. Students will analyze the differences between criminal justice and juvenile justice, the varying approaches to addressing juvenile delinquency, and the role of education, family, law enforcement and the courts in juvenile delinquency prevention.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.

Information Privacy and Ethics

The course explores the impact of information technology and the internet in our global society. Students will discuss topics such as ethical decision making, cyber-crime, intellectual property, copyright infringement, privacy issues, and risk management.

Kenny Loui, Ph.D.






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