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The study of criminal justice, police administration, and legal studies have grown significantly and gained popularity among university students in the past decade in the United States and the Republic of Korea with universities in both countries developing or expanding upon their existing criminal justice and police administration programs.


Legal issues permeate all aspects of society—family and childcare, business, education, medicine, the environment, government, and law enforcement. In our interconnected global society, there is a need for legal professionals who are well-versed not only in the laws and justice policies of their respective countries but international law and the justice systems of other countries as well.

Thus, to meet the need for knowledgeable and competent legal professionals who serve in international settings and multicultural communities, Namseoul University has developed the Masters in International Legal Studies (MILS), open to both Korean students and international students who are interested in pursuing careers in law, law enforcement, and related fields, or early to mid-career professionals already working in these fields, yet desire to further their education in legal studies.

Graduates of the MILS program will be prepared for successful careers in law, academia, business, and government. Upon completion of MILS, graduates may pursue career opportunities as:

• Legal assistant
• Legal consultant
• Legal researcher
• College professor
• Social studies teacher
• Government official
• Compliance officer
• Human resources manager
• Contract specialist/negotiator
• Consultant/mediator for international and nonprofit organizations
• Attorney (requires a J.D. and successful passing of the bar exam)


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I'm pursuing a career as a teacher in Korea and continue my studies by enrolling in a Ph.D. program.



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