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School Year

The Korean education system operates on an academic year that runs March - December and Namseoul University Program processes graduate school applications twice a year:
  • November/December for admission into Spring Semester (March) 
  • April/May for admission into Fall Semester (September)

How to Apply

When submitting your application, please double-check the admission requirements carefully. Make sure that you understand student visa requirements, cost, and housing. We want your experience at Namseoul University to go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.
In order to apply, you need to:
   1. Download and complete the application package 
   2. Submit application package either by expedited post (e.g., DHL, FedEx) or in person to our office.
   3. Download WhatsApp and send a text message to the IGS (+82-10-2258-6401) stating applicant's name and major applied for.

When to Apply

Exact application dates vary and are not announced until 1-2 weeks prior to Admission Week. However, you do not have to wait for the announcement to submit your application to the International Graduate School. You may submit your applications to the IGS for the Master's programs according to submission deadlines posted by the IGS office. Available on Facebook, Instagram, and the IGS Homepage.

After You Apply

After processing, a representative of Namseoul University IGS program will contact you to schedule your interview. These interviews are held via video call on WhatsApp for students applying from abroad and in-person interviews for those currently residing in South Korea. For all interviews, dates and times stated are according to Korean Standard Time and applicants should have valid identification present at the time of the interview (e.g., passport, Alien Registration Card).


Complete ALL of the Following forms!

Click on the links below
to download
the application paperwork:

Application Guidelines & Form



Deliver the Application Packet and documents listed above to the IGS:


Hand Deliver or Post the Application to:

Namseoul University

International Graduate School

Building 10, Room 101-1

91 Daehak-ro Seonghwan-eup Seobuk-gu Cheonan-si Chungnam 

31020 Republic of Korea

Attn to: Professor Judy Yang

How can I

apply to the IGS?

Namseoul International Graduate School accepts both international and Korean students. If you would like to apply for consideration for one of our master degrees taught in English, follow the process below.

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