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Namseoul University is located in Cheonan City and was established in 1994 as a private university. In 2015, the Namseoul University student body was approximately 12,000 students, including graduate students. The university offers thirty-four major courses from four different schools, a General Graduate School, and the International Graduate School.

The Namseoul College of Engineering offers eight areas of study, including Computer Science; the College of Art and Creative Culture has four departments, and the College of Global Business holds eleven departments. The College of Health Care and Welfare is one of Korea's most distinguished higher education programs and has six academic departments.


The International Graduate school began as part of the General Graduate School and in 2019 we earned to privilege of becoming our own independent graduate school focused on the unique needs of international students.

Today, the world is changing at an unprecedented speed. While the importance of understanding the means by which a cultural and international education provides students with differing points of view from the far corners of the world is no longer an emerging or hot topic, it has become the basis of common sense for everybody.

Under such circumstances, NSU proudly offers well-designed study abroad programs for international students. Study abroad is commonly accepted as an essential component of education for global engagement and world-mindedness. The purposes of participating in study abroad programs vary from cultural immersion experiences to internships. Therefore, achieving global awareness, learning about different cultures, adding foreign concepts as a way of broadening knowledge in major fields of study, and language acquisition, are among the primary aims of participating in overseas programs.

NSU short-term programs offer students an opportunity to learn about Korea's advanced education system and allows for an experience of the highest technologies in the areas of IT and Bio-Technology. Moreover, I hope that students are able to thoroughly enjoy the cultural programs and internship opportunities which exist at NSU. The service-learning program is another strong point of the NSU study abroad programs for international students.

For students planning global experiences, Namseoul is a perfect destination to acquire hands-on knowledge and understanding of Asia's dynamic economies. In terms of learning outcomes, global awareness, as an acquired value, is a principal, esteemed goal of studying abroad. I hope our international programs at Namseoul University help all of you in advancing towards global communities. We support your development and dreams and are looking forward to seeing you at NSU.

도미향원장님 사진.png

Dr.Mihyang Do, Ph.D.
Dean of
Namseoul University International Graduate School

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