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IB (International Baccalaureate)


 Namseoul University International Graduate School became the first in  Korea and the 50th in the world to be certified as a teacher of IB World School in December 2019. Founded in 1994, Namseoul University currently educates approximately 13,000 students from undergraduate to  doctorate courses. Namseoul University International Graduate School, which was established in 2019, is leading the internationalization of curriculum and globalization of Korean university education by providing  international student services in English.                                    

IB in Korea

There are currently 12 IB-certified international schools in Korea and 6 IB certified state schools introducing the IBDP in 2022.  In Korea, the IB teacher certificate can be obtained from Namseoul National University Graduate School of International Studies.

IB curriculum and IB world schools

The IB Program was founded in 1968 and is an international school curriculum headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, 5,175 schools in 157 countries adopt the IB curriculum, of which about 52.6% are in the United States, with 26.5% in the Asia-Pacific region and 20.9% in Europe and Middle East Africa.

NSU IBEC Program Information


This course is designed for educators wanting to upgrade their knowledge, skills and qualifications in the IB.

* It is available to both current IB educators, as well as those interested in the IB approach.

* Must have a degree in Education from a recognized tertiary establishment, or hold a teaching license.

Introduction to Key Programs at NSU which incorporate the IB Educator Certificate

Namseoul University International Graduate School offers the IB Educator certificate as part of the Masters degree in International Education and as part of the Post-Graduate Certificate In International Education.

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Namseoul University is working in partnership with IB world schools, nationally and internationally. Our partner schools include:                   


Career after graduation

Students who complete the program can understand the IB teaching philosophy and plan curriccula for IB subjects  teachers. 

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